Spies Of World War II

Background Information

Adolf Hitler Comes To Power

and Adolf Hitler took power of Germany. He soon started expanding Germany and taking more and more land. Not many people liked this.

Tensions Rise In Europe

With the expansion of Germany, many countries were on edge. No one wanted to start a war with them. It was too dangerous. Everybody started preparing for the worst.

Battles Break Out

Soon after Germany took Poland, battles started breaking out. Germany was fighting with Britain and France. Everybody needed information from the inside.


Spying in WWII

Spies were a big part of World War 2. Whether it was confusing the enemy, leaking life, saving information, they played their part. They were super important to the war, and without them, the war could've turned out very different. You might think spies are people who sleuth around and get information, but they did much more than just that. Spies would do things like fake their own deaths and become double agents just to confuse the other side. Spies were just as important as the soldiers on the front line.


Spies in WW2

Rodolfo Siviero

Rodolfo Siviero was an Italian spy born in 1911. He was a secret agent as well as an art historian. He worked to recovery artwork stolen by the Nazis from Italy during World War II. Siviero died in 1983.

Richard Sorge

Richard Sorge was a german spy, who spent most of his off time as a journalist and Inteligence officer. He was a spy before and after WW2. Sorge was born in 1895 and died in 1944.

Peggy Taylor

Peggy Taylor was a French spy, whose job was an assassin. She eliminated a Nazi SS colonel just at the age of 21. She never left home without her red lipstick, high heels, and her Chanel No. 5 so that she could use her charm to get information out of the enemy. This job suited her well due to her incredible memory.

Roald Dahl

Roand Dahl was a British spy. he became a RAF officer, until injuries brought him out. This brought him into working as a spy. He also spent a lot of his time writing children's books, short stories, novels, and poems. Some example's of Dahl's writings are Charlie in the Chocalate Factory, the BFG, and Matilda.

Jan Kowalewski

Jan Kowalewski was a Polish spy who was active in many other jobs; he was a cryptologist, military commander, and writer. He was born in 1892 and died in 1965.


     To understand ENIGMA, you have to under stand what a cipher is. A cipher makes a word or phrase secret by changing or rearranging individual letters to make a message secret. ENIGMA is a German cipher machine. 

Enigma was eventually broken by Alan Turing at Bletchley Park in January of 1940. The Germans didn't know this, so they still used the enigma machine and the British could keep figuring out the code over and over.



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