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Learn About a Few Important Animals

During the war, many people were recognized and awarded for their bravery. So were some brave animals. While many animals were used in the war, here are some of the most recognized and important animals.

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Fun Facts about animals in WW1


There was a Camel Corps in World War One. They were four battalions that transported men and equipment. The battalions were raised in Egypt. Carrying all of the equipment and a man on its back, a camel could trot up to 3 miles an hour.


Slugs were used in World War One to detect when gas was released into the air. Since the slugs breathe through their skin, they would close up their breathing pores and compress their bodies. The soldiers would see this and know that a gas attack was happening, saving many lives. The slugs also did live through the gas attacks.


Cats were also used in World War One. They were there as a pet to keep the soldiers company, but were used for much, much more. They would kill rats and other animals that spread diseases in and around the trenches to keep the soldiers healthy. They were also sometimes used as gas detectors.

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